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Grant Lugniake
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Hi sending a dev log below:

-> restarting the apache server is reqired.
-> right now i have set cron for the inteliquent and peerless api both are working like this;

1)inteliquent :- this cron script is working based on the state wise + paging wise so i didn’t get any issue to fetch data of it, once the data is fetched related to page at some intervals, don’t repeat it in cron.

2) peerless :- as we discussed about it, cron script for this is working like state wise + 200 records per state at some intervals.but i m getting issue in this script because there is no end for this script it continuously is ongoing, we have to discus login about it.

-> you can check the data in this table “pool_numbers”.

* have connected the peerless api, and data is updating in local db at given intervals, it will take time to update the millions numbers in table.

* both client and admin numbers are in production mode.right now i am testing the cron script.

* Redis is connected and working fine.

* i used the paging system for the inteliquent api so is working fine but for the peerless it always return the 200 records so for this flashing is not possible, we need to think about it.
* Here the state wise numbers of records for inteliquent api is just like below; see the attached file.

* due to server hanged misconfig additional config is reqired, i restart the testing for api data to local db just like below;

State Records

AR — 57327
DE — 40875
DC — 39

* Right now i stop the cron script and
* Intially I re-started the pool data of just above three states manually using browser so just 8 requested were ran and records like 40000 were inserted and server hanged or down and browsers was getting gateway time out.
* Although you can see the data in SQL table “pool_numbers” and i backup of records which was insterted yesterday in table “pool_numbers_old”.

A) how will i inserted millions of records – please discuss with system admin
B) Intially records were not insert properly so what is need of caching or cache flashing ?? – please discuss with system admin

* Without testing it proper how will i run the cron script.

* i may need your help for once again “restart the apache service”