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=> Here the state wise numbers of records for inteliquent api is just like below; see the attached file.

=> due to this server hanged or down problem, i restart the testing for api data to local db just like below;
State Records

AR — 57327
DE — 40875
DC — 39

=> Right now i stop the cron script and
=> Intially I re-started the pool data of just above three states manually using browser so just 8 requested were ran and records like 40000 were inserted and server hanged or down and browsers was getting gateway time out.
=> you can see the data in table “pool_numbers” and i backup of records which was insterted yesterday in table “pool_numbers_old”.

A) how will i inserted millions of records??
B) Intially records were not insert properly so what is need of caching or cache flashing ??

=> Without testing it proper how will i run the cron script.

=> i need your help for once again “restart the apache service”. if possible then give me access of it so i can test it proper and work further ahead.