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•did you finally connected all Peerless to our local DB it should be a few millions numbers in there plus vanity numbers?
:- yes i have connected the peerless api, and data is updating in local db at given intervals, it will take time to update the millions numbers in table.

•We have checked the SQL DB and can see some vanity numbers beings stored there but did you connected them to both client and admin numbers order?
:- it is working mode.right now i am testing the cron script.

•Did you set up a redis that’s been installed by our system admin?
:- yes it already connected and working fine.

•Have you set up a cron cache flashing so the system not being overloaded by your chon numbers fetching cache?
:- i used the paging system for the inteliquent api so is working fine but for the peerless it always return the 200 records so for this flashing is not possible, we need to think about it.