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Please focus on the Voip Local DB development it should mirroring both vendors numbers data Intelligent and PeerLess.

* All the numbers DBs must be cron synchronised as mentioned in the task
* While updating both vendor’s DB PeerLess and Intelligent must rewrite the previous data
* All unavailable numbers previously stored on local Voip DB must be removed due to unavailability (meaning someone already purchased them so no point to store them for our Voip customers)
* Allow customers to search all numbers available on Voip local DB admin can see the number’s vendor (as it is now) but customers don’t (admin will regulate it from control panel – will send this job later).
* Once customer purchased number(s) – yes it has to become unavailable bot both local Voip DB and trough API as number(s) purchased from the vendor and added to the telinta inventory which suppose to be done by now.