One of our projects source code has been adopted for the latest PHP 7+ version. As a result we face some consequences across the site that have to be repaired in an urgent manner. Please find each error found so far listed below , consider fixing them as soon as possible. Please note the PHP upgraded project is still being inspected and more errors may be displayed.

Pins Removal

This is a sample scenario for your proper repair:
Order 1 with
numbers A and B

When you test A number please ensure B number testes as well:

When we change the pin# for B number it is changing but only on the EN admin site. Email notification comes saying that pin has been changed for A number not for B which pin we actually changed . Then checking Inteligent and finding that pin number has been changed for number A as well (not for B) which is absolutely wrong.

Please check all the coddings what has happened there should be no crossing scenarios between both A and B numbers. If the pin changing / removal applied to B number it must be only applied to B number (not A) including notification messages Intelegent and Teilnta. Same for A numbers if we apply pin code removal /change should not be any cross records to B number and other numbers if one order has got multiple numbers.


Our repeaters numbers such as 333-3333, 444-4444 and etc suppose to have a contact us button only so customers can submit enquiry about each particular repeater number  before we move the client to the approved group for further number activation process. However when our customer clicking on the states and finding these numbers from there the activation restriction rule does does not apply and activate button visible for them which is not suppose to be please fix it.

The worse point is that when customers click activate button that are visible under repeaters numbers they can buy such premium numbers for absolutely free as no cost set on them which is unacceptable error and requires urgent repair.

Links & Menus

Please ensure all the links and menu tabs working right as we noted some of the links are broken and lead to the page that is no longer exist.

New Numbers

Please open EN landing page and scroll down to the New Numbers section. You will note that each new number has different product image with NEW  graphic at the left top side of the image. However when we click on the See All New Numbers link underneath it will lead us to the New Numbers page which suppose to have same product images with NEW sign on each number displayed but it is now broken so please fix it.

Wrong States

We opened checking all the pages and opened a New Numbers page and checked random numbers for example (971) 666-6666 the number state title displays as Colorado but it is not right state. The right state for (971) suppose to be Oregon. Colorado right area code is (970). When we check from admin there is no such number in Colorado so there is something mixing up some states / area codes.

Next number (980)666-6666 is the North Carolina state but showing as New Jersey which is a huge error as well. We checked site admin Products Category  North Carolina’s area codes and found that the area codes are all right there but front end data being mixed. Please fix this issue.

Product Categories

Please go to admin – Products, select Products Categories from dropdown menu where you can see the states we created. Find Canada then expand this category and find that we’ve created Manitoba state where we also created its (204) area code. From site admin i can not see my newly created (204) area code  i also can not see “+” expanding icon verifying that area code has been created and this is part of the error.

Now if we open front end side and expand Canada  – then click on Manitoba you will see (204) area code numbers zone has been created. Also if you click on (204) aria code zone you will see a phone product that belongs to Alaska  for some reason which we haven’t even added there and no idea why it is appearing on that newly created (204) zone which is other part of the error.

Now we opening EN home page and checking Excellent Phone Numbers Search – All Area Codes we also can not find (204) area code which has been created but missing in our area codes dropdown.

We also tried to search (204) area code with no results found on the site. We can see it on front end site with wrong number and can not see it from admin.

So could you please check this misconfiguration to ensure that all functionality works smooth as it was before PHP extensions upgrade.

Completed Orders

Customers Completed Orders Page does not work. Please try to login as a customer who’s got some orders and then proceed to My Account -> Completed Orders this page not being displayed please fix it!

Adding Numbers from a File

Please go to site admin: Products -> Import Products – please check this feature the site admin no longer can upload new products from a file!

Call Forwadring

Customers  call forwarding number still display only one digit from site admin still not fixed.

Please kindly test all tasks before reporting completion.
Good luck !