More flexibilities for site admin, bringing more modern design to some of our products view pages and other handy functionalities that we believe enhance our project management.

Status Filter

Create status filter on “my numbers” page. It is already created on mobile version. We need to create it on desktop as well.
There are 8 TN statuses. Customer should be able to choose 1 or more.

By default all statuses should be chosen except “canceled” and “ported out”.

Canceled” status should not be viewable in any case.

Customer can choose from the following TN statuses:

Pending Activation, Active, Pending Port Out, Port Out Authorized, Port Out Not Authorized, Port Out Error, Ported Out.
These statuses should be in following colors.

Pending Activation – orange
Active – Green
Pending Port Out – orange
Port Out Authorized – orange
Port Out Error – red
Port Out Not Authorized – red
Ported out – red

Search by State

Left column “Search by State”.
Please create something when customer click “Search By Area Code”. Then instead of the states should be Area codes with states.

Like below:
201 – New Jersey
202 – District of Columbia
203 – Connecticut.

So if customer knows area code but doesn’t know the state, he should be able to locate it.
By default, it should be as it is, but when customer decided to change search by Area code he should be able to do so.

Since there are a lot of area codes, they won’t fit on the page, so please create link on the bottom “show more” once clicked it should be shown more.

Home page Search

Home page Search.
This Search should be synchronized with the “advanced search”.

Please note that if site admin create new categories (states) or new subcategories (area codes), it should be viewable right away on search pages.(it’s already suppose to be like this but please double check).

Product View Page Upgrade

When clicking on any phone number which is for sale, opens the following page:
Product Preview Page
Please make whole page looks good. We don’t need to show phone number 2 times. There is no need to show image on this page.

Could be like this:

(217) 281-3333 – Available
State: Illinois
Rate Center: {we don’t have this as of now}
$299.99 (One Time Search and Activation Fees)
Reserve {button}
Activate now {button}

The page should be looking like our all pages in blue frame


Add to customer groups: reservation time:

4 hours
24 hours
2 days
4 days

By default, it should be like this:
New customer – 4 hours
Approved customers – 24 hours
Resellers – 2 days and 4 days

Wholesale customers – 2 days and 4 days

A.) All newly created groups must have by default – 4 hours chosen.

Admin can add permissions to get 1 or more.

There should be an option: NONE. If admin chose one, then when a customer from this group try to reserve any number there should be a pop up notice: “Unfortunately reservation is not available for your account “

B.) If clicked let’s say 2 days and 4 days, then, when the customer is reserving a number, there should be a pop up asking for how many hours/days they want to reserve the number: 2 days, 4 days.

Widget on the right

Widget on the right.

A.) Where “my numbers” page should be seen how may numbers does the client have. System should not count ported out or canceled numbers. Please make it with a good design like apple iPhone has.

B.) the same thing where “reserved numbers”

Pages Order

Admin should be able to easily change pages order. (It is already implemented in web Pages, but we need to have it in widget on the right. “Manage my account” and Popular categories)

Notes: please make sure all work must be done on both desktop site and mobile. Also please test all tasks before reporting completion.
Good luck !