Creating an email templates manager interface for the Voip site admin global notification email content editing and traceability.

Email Templates Manager

Creating an Email Templates Manager interface should be nicely organised.

One Directory

Please ensure that all email notification templates are located in one directory for easy access and trouble shooting. All existing email notifications as well as newly added should be appearing in same directory and be accessible for the site admin ETM (Email Templates Management) and traceability.

 Management Tools

Please develop a user friendly rich text WYSIWYG panel with ability to implement a responsive email templates with their preview options and test sent.  The ETM should have a push notification feature for the site admin to be able to sent emails to a single member as well as to the selected group of Voip users.

We would welcome your effort to build in an email traceability feature for the site admin to check if the sent email received /viewed by selected recipient.

Email Templates

Please ensure that selected email templates can be cloned and saved, additional graphic files/ attachment (uploads) availability. The site admin would be able to pick any of email templates saved to use for various notification needs.

Please kindly test all tasks before reporting completion.
Good luck !