Creating an environment for the site admin content management. Nowadays almost all well known SMC platforms equipped with a content management feature which is available from online project’s back end.  In this task we are doing the same structure to allow site admin to control all the site corners across the project. At this (trail phase) please take a look at our landing page only.

Content Manager

Please add an additional tab link at the site admin “ Site Edditor” or “Content Manager”  which will lead to a content management friendly Interface that we would like you to build. While making this please take a further look that Site Editor / Content Manager area  should contain all tools for the entire site edition. There should be such tools as:

Add/Delete/Hide/Copy Page
Add/ Delete/Hide/Relocate Block, Module on selected page
Add/ Delete/ Relocate an image
Add/ Delete/ Relocate reach HTML/ PHP content.

NOTES: At the end of your work we expect just one page to be fully Edditable including both Header and Footer of the project.Please do your best with this trai work as it may lead you to some more work with us in the future.

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